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Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy Ropar, Punjab (India)
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To prepare the students to face the stiff competition at the world level, they have been divided into four houses.

Satluj House
Beas House
Jehlam House
Ravi House

· The House for each student will remain the same for the time he/she studies at SASA.

· The old students will be assigned Houses by the computer according to their Registration No. & Class, and these students will be in the same Houses for their entire length of stay at SASA.

· For every new student, the House will be assigned automatically by the computerized software based on their Registration No. and Class.

· There will be no choice or freedom of shuffling the House by the student. Once assigned – assigned forever.

The Inter House Competitions in General Knowledge, Quiz, Declamation, Debate, Group Discussion, Sports, Painting, Drawing, Music, Dramatics are scheduled in the Annual Curriculum. Academy HEAD BOY and Academy HEAD GIRL, along with a Deputy Head Boy and a Deputy Head Girl is selected from the best of the students on competition basis. Boarding students have their own Head Boy & Head Girl along with other room/dormitory heads and they are given performance certificates. The students belonging to different houses put on T-shirts of different colours during the House Competitions.

The Inter House Competition in General Knowledge, Quiz, Declamation, Elocution, Calligraphy, Debate, Group Discussion Sports, Painting, Drawing, Music, Dance, Dramatics are held.