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Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy Ropar, Punjab (India)
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“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey;
We are spiritual beings on a human journey.”

SASA - School Band

At SASA, we encourage students to view their “spiritual lives” not as a segment of life but as the essence of life. Worship extends from the pray room to the classroom, dining commons to the athletic field and to the surrounding community. Spiritual development is an integral part of our motto “Developing Body, Mind and Soul.” There are separate Jaap hours for hostellers in their daily routine both in morning and evening. The meals are also commenced and followed by prayers which are meant to build respect and thankfulness for food. Our Morning Assembly Prayer emphasizes gratitude, unity in diversity, love, peace, righteousness and above all respect for Teachers.


  We bow before the Almighty, the Omnipresent

with whose blessings, we are born to see this world.

O’God Omnipotent, bless our parents to whom our respect goes first.

O Lord! Bless Us.

With Your blessings we are in this Academy;

Further, we bow our heads before Sant Baba Kartar Singh Ji,

our Spiritual Father, who gifted us this institution.

We bow our heads before Sahibzada Ajit Singh, our role model,

to learn the great deeds from the early age.

We bow our heads before Guru Gobind Singh Ji,

with whose blessings and endeavors, we are the kings on this planet.

We bow our heads before Lord Krishna,

Lord Buddha, Prophet Mohammad, Jesus Christ

and all the Saints of all faiths who blessed the humanity at large.

Bless us with peace and tolerance,

to learn from the great book of Mother Nature.

We may live together on this Earth sharing our bread and views.

O Lord!

We are yours, bless us to be yours.

O My Teacher, the great Teacher,

adore me with the knowledge within and without,

develop me physically, mentally and spiritually

that I may see God through wisdom of knowledge.

-- By Sukhjinder Singh (Director)      


Just as we emphasize the integration of faith and learning at SASA, so we also stress the integration of faith and living. This integration is encouraged through prayer services, classroom lectures on spirituality, Jaap learning with meanings and spiritual mentoring. SASA has “Divinity” as a classroom subject especially dedicated to make students aware of their real existence and also to answer their queries based on the other side of life.

SASA - School Band