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Student Of The Week

Baby Palak

Details of Achievements:

Academic: She got Garde A+ from Nursery to Ninth. She has been Class Representative from Standard LKG to Second Standard. 

Co-curricular Activities:  She do actively participate in Co-curricular Activities. She got 3rd position in Calligraphy Competition during Grade Nursery, 2nd position in Quiz Competition during Grade IV, 1st position in Quiz Competition during Grade V, 2nd position in Poster Making during Grade VI and 3rd position in Fireless Cooking Competition during Grade IX.

Sports: She bagged 1st position in cycle race and 40 Meter Race in grade Nursery, 3rd position in cycle race in grade L.K.G., 2nd position in Sack race in grade III, 1st position in Ball Race in grade V, 3rd position in Shot put in grade VI, 3rd position in long jump in grade IX.

Any special thing, you wish to mention: She got blue belt in mix martial arts.