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Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy Ropar, Punjab (India)
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Rules & Regulations





1. Green Coloured Uniform: Green Shirt with Tie collar and half sleeves, Shorts touching to knee (upto UKG with galas), Green Patka, Grey Socks with green stripes, Black School shoes with laces.

2. Fawn Coloured Uniform: Fawn colour shirt with Tie Collar, dark brown Shorts, Patka and Socks. Black school Shoes with laces.


1. Green Coloured Uniform: Green shirt with Tie collar, and half sleeves, grey trousers, green socks with yellow stripes, green patka and recommended tie and belt, Black school shoes upto class VIII and black toe shoes with green turban for IX onwards.

2. Fawn Coloured Uniform: Fawn colour shirt with Tie Collar and half sleeves, dark brown colour trousers, dark brown colour socks (as recommended), dark brown colour patka, black school shoes upto VIII and black toe shoes, recommended tie and belt with green turban for IX onwards.


As recommended above, with full sleeve shirt with Tie collar; skirts, recommended Jersy, blazers, tie and belt etc.+ Cap (dark green)

Monday & Tuesday – Fawn
Wednesday & Thursday – Green
Friday - Fawn
Saturday - Green.

The following are the stock holders for Academy Uniform and other articles.

i. FOR BOOKS M/s Kakkar Book House, Partap Bazar, Ropar - Ph. 01881-220651

ii. FOR UNIFORM M/s New Pinch, Main Bazar, Ropar- Phone 01881-501396, 98722-48081

iii. FOR SHOES M/S Shoe Palace House, Near Kalyan Cinema, Phool Chakkar Bazaar, Ropar - Mobile: 99887-72269, 93570-08001

1. The day students will arrange their own up and down. In case the student is minor, the parents will collect him/her within 20 minutes of completing the evening sports classes or during the off day sports classes. Failing which, Academy will not be responsible if something happens to the student.

2. The students will regularly attend the Sports Classes given and in proper prescribed Sports Kit.

3. The parents must agree that during training, participation with in Punjab, India or abroad they will have to pay for traveling, boarding and lodging for such a participating student.

4. Any loss/breakage/damage to the apparatus/equipments/instruments made by any student during training/participation etc. will be made up by the parents.

5. In case of refusal of any student for participation in the sports tournaments after getting all trainings etc, a fine of Rs. 5000/-is to be imposed and such a player would be black-listed.

6. If any nonsense/indiscipline is created by any student in the Academy Campus during the sports. Such a student would be black-listed and a fine or Rs.5000/- would be imposed.

7. No student is allowed to bring objectionable articles like Mobile Phones, Electronic Equipments, Cash Money, Non–Vegetables, Intoxicants, Cigarette, Tobacco, Guns, Sharp-weapons, Motor Vehicles etc. while entering the Academy campus for any purpose. The student violating, would be black-listed and a fine or Rs. 5000/- would be imposed.

8. Students will not use wrong/ abusive language and not create any hue and cry while being in the campus.

9. The parents should know that medical expenses which may occur during sports training to their ward are not received by the Academy, if their ward will need any medical aid the parent will have to pay for that.

10. The parents will have no claim over Authorities of the Academy (during training/ participation) for any compensation to the student in the event of any loss/injury/death etc. happened by chance/willfully or by the act of mischief.

11. That in case any student slips away from Academy Campus and meets some accident, fatal and otherwise in or outside of the campus, the parents will not claim for any compensation and in case their ward makes loss to Academy property or to any third party the parents will stand responsible for that.

The teachers and supporting staff at the Academy are expected to be the surrogate parents of the students. They must understand them Physically, Mentally & Spiritually. Every time they should keep in mind that the students are here to learn the good deeds from them. They must guide/ teach the students to prepare them for their successful living on this planet. Their emotions & sentiments are also to be taken care of and accordingly provide them the help to get them matured in this field also. However, the students are also expected to give all respect to the teachers and supporting staff that may include class-IV, Sanitation Staff, Peons, Ground Boys, Bus Cleaners, Drivers and Mess People. Everybody in this world wish for a respect, so, students are expected to use respected words for everybody. Even at the back of them we do not expect the students to use filthy language. It is mandatory for the students to wish the elders at the Academy with folding hands. No student is allowed to abuse anybody in the campus and while in the bus. The students are expected to deal with other students while giving respect to them and elder students are expected to give space to the younger ones considering them their own brothers and sisters. The students are expected not to write on the walls. Even they are not allowed to spread casteism while writing their surnames on the bags, books, note-books etc. The parents must check at their home whether directly or indirectly they must not be giving classes of bad behaviour to their wards. The students are not expected to make loss to any Academy property. Doing so would cause a fine, making up the loss and struck off the name from the Rolls of the Academy.


The Academy believes in the great quote of Confucius “Respect yourself and others will respect you.” We always wish to give all respect to the parents. However, if some parents do feel neglected by the Academy Staff they must put on the slip in the suggestion box in the Reception so that the Management could take it seriously.

The parents are also expected to understand that staff at the Academy is to develop the skills related to their wards (Physically, Mentally & Spiritually). And for such a complete development of their child, the co-operation of parents is mandatory. They are expected to behave well with the concerned Academy Staff whenever they visit the Academy. We do expect the parents that they must visit the Academy during the prescribed working and Visiting Hours. Visiting Late Hours or on Holidays is not allowed. The parents must understand that staff at the Academy cannot be expected to receive them for 24 hours or on holidays.

THE PARENTS/GUARDIANS/VISITORS MUST SWITCH OFF THEIR MOBILE PHONES WHILE ENTERING THE ACADEMY CAMPUS AND MUST KEEP THE SAME SWITCHED OFF UP TO THE END OF THE VISIT AND GOING OUT OF THE CAMPUS . The parents/guardians must not bring any eatable with them while visiting the Academy. The parents/ guardians visiting the Academy with the spell/use of wine, any intoxicant, will not be allowed to enter the campus and nobody would deal with them. Cigarette smoking and use of tobacco is not allowed in and around the campus. Such a parents/guardians/visitors would be black-listed and the Academy would have the authority to Struck off the name of the ward of such a parents. Speaking in loud voice, giving disrespect etc. to the concerned staff would cause the struck off the name of the ward of such a defaulting parents. If the parents have some suggestions etc. they must handover the same at reception or put in the suggestion box while clearly writing their name, contact number, ward’s name & class so that the outcome of such a suggestion must be shared with the concerned parents /guardians /visitors. Visiting Academy for the first time the visitors are expected to contact at the Reception only. They must not enter the campus without making their entry at the Reception. Doing so would cause a legal action against such a visitors/ parents/guardians.

No student is allowed to wear the valuables, keep cell phone or other electronic items with them during their presence in the Academy Campus. And no cash money is allowed with the students. The students bringing money to the school for depositing some fee, purchasing coupons to buy quality eatables/drinks at the Academy. shall have to deposit the money immediately in the Account Section while reaching at the Academy. Any student found with the valuables, cell phone and other electronic items would be fined Rs. 5000.00 (Rupees Five Thousands) and items/cash found with him/her would not be returned to the parents/student.

Students are not permitted to leave the campus without permission. Students may, however, be granted leave for valid reasons. Telephonic request/information for leave is not entertained. The parents/guardians are requested to apply for the leave (in duplicate) on the prescribed Performa available in the Academy office on request, detailing the appropriate reason. Merely applying for leave does not mean the sanction of leave. When the leave is sanctioned by the Academy Authorities one copy of the Performa is to be deposited in the office and first copy is to be taken by the parents to report back while getting the same copy with them. In case of a boarding students the parents/ permitted guardians shall have to apply for leave at least 10 days before the date of leave. The parents are expected to prefer to e-mail the leave application so that the status of leave i.e. sanctioned or not sanctioned may be replied to the concerned ones. In case of sanction of leave the parents/ guardians shall have to collect the student from the campus of the Academy at the given time and date. And so shall have to accompany the child to the Academy Campus while reporting back by the child. The date and time of reporting back is to be followed as mentioned in the sanctioned leave letter. Not more than four days leave during an Academic year is allowed. For boarders, being absent without information, a fine of Rs. 100/- per day is charged. Being absent for more than 4 days causes a student strike off his/her name from the Academy Rolls. Re-admission (if granted) is considered as new admission with all fee & funds to be deposited. NO LEAVE APPLICATION IS ENTERTAINED IN BETWEEN JANUARY 1ST TO MARCH 31ST of the running session. The parents of the Board-Class-Students must not apply for the leave during the entire session.

To solve mental, physical & behavioural problems of a student a monthly Parents-Teachers Meetings is arranged under the supervision of Vice-Principal. At that time the parents are also informed the stages of development in the outcome personality of their wards. The parents are expected to attend these meetings as compulsory because the co-operation between parents & teachers makes the child a better human-being. During these meetings the parents are expected to give the due respect to the teachers. No rough or abusive language or speaking on high tone is allowed. Any parents doing so would be asked to leave the campus and in future such a person would not be allowed to enter the campus and attend the Parents-Teachers Meetings. The parents creating regular problems and misbehaviour would be asked to withdraw their child from the Rolls of the Academy, failing so, would cause expelling of such a student.

During meeting if any parents wish for giving some suggestions etc., that would be welcomed but it must be filled up in the written Proforma available at the counter during the Meeting and duly filled, to be put in the Suggestion Box available there or available in the main Reception (such a suggestions must bear Name of the Parents, Contact Number, Student’s Name & Class so that they could be informed the outcome of the suggestion).

Being Academy an English medium school the School Authorities, Staff and the Teachers would deal in English language only . (However, the parents who cannot understand English may request the Vice-Principal to arrange a teacher who could make them understand in their language.)

The Academy has full-fledged library under the management of a qualified librarian. It has more than 10,000 selected books that include 35 Encyclopedias. More than 100 selected National/International periodicals as well as newspapers are always available in the library to keep the students the upto date knowledge of the entire world in all spheres. More than 1000 books are added to the library every year. The library is recognized by Govt. of Punjab.

The Rules at the Library are as under:

1 Each Student is permitted to issue ONE book at a time except for the Green Card Holders, who are allowed to issue TWO books at a time.

2 A book can be issued for a period of 7 (SEVEN) Days only (excluding the day it is issued).

3 In case the due date (return date) happens to be on Sunday or holiday, the books may be returned on the succeeding working day.

4 The reference books, rare books or other books which in the opinion of the Librarian are not in a condition to be safety handled by the borrower will not be issued and can only be read inside the Library.

5 Books can be reissued only if those are not required by any other student.

6 The librarian may recall any book from any student in case of emergency.

7 If a book is not returned by the member on or before the due date, overdue charges of Rs. 10/- per book per day shall be levied.

8 A student against whom any amount is overdue will not be allowed to borrow book until he/she has paid the due amount.

9 Students are liable to replace the damaged or lost books or pay the cost of the book plus 25% extra as processing charges.

10 If a volume of a set/series is mutilated or lost and a new volume is not separately available, the member concerned shall be liable to replace the whole set/series at his/her own cost.

11 Library Membership of a student will remain valid till she/he remains on roll.

12 The current periodicals/magazines shall not be issued to individual students/teachers, rather would be available for reading in the library premises only.

13 All books must be returned before the Summer Vacation, Diwali Holidays and the Winter Vacation.

14 Anyone who violates the Rules and Regulations of the Library would be liable to lose the privilege of membership.

Parents must give the Principal at least THREE MONTHS advance notice before completion of the running session, preferably by the Registered Post if they wish to withdraw their ward. Failing which, caution money and other refundable securities are forfeited. The Principal has the right to ask for the withdrawal of any student from the Academy at any time without assigning any reason.

Note: In case of Boarding students, Box, Bedding or any other belonging & security money, (if any) is to be collected within 7 days of leaving the Academy, on the date and time given by the Hostel Superintendent. AFTERWARDS, NO REQUEST IN THIS REGARD IS ENTERTAINED.

Transfer Certificate is issued to the student, who leaves the Academy following all the Rules and Regulations of the Institution. An application, by the parents is to be put up to the Principal at least 7 days in advance. To get the Transfer Certificate issued, all fee and funds of the session are to be deposited. The Security Money and other deposits with the Academy are also to be claimed and collected by the parents during the issue of Transfer Certificate while making an application and getting it sanctioned from the Authorised Official of the Academy. NO SUCH AN APPLICATION TO WITHDRAW THE SECURITY MONEY OR ANY DEPOSIT WITH THE ACADEMY IS ENTERTAINED AFTERWARD.