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Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy Ropar, Punjab (India)
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Messages from Principal

Rajan Chopra


Thank you for your interest in Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy (SASA) at Ropar (Punjab) in India.

"The school meets most successfully its aim to produce young people highly capable to meet the great challenges of life"

I am proud to say that Dr. Hans Lavender, Chairman, Life Link in Sweden and Dr. Jim Moran from Canada visited Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy very recently. During their stay of seven days with us, they found the Academy as ‘excellent’. Having achieved the highest possible rating in every sphere from academic success through to extra-curricular activities.

SASA is a vibrant and successful school with tremendous facilities and an exciting future. It combines a proud heritage with great modernity. It is our believe that every child has the opportunity to excel and develop their potential to the full.

A fully dedicated and very thoughtful staff look to engage with every individual pupil nurturing themthrough school and celebrating their achievements.

Jasmine Court, Junior School, Senior School and Sr. Secondary School all contribute to your child’s development by encouraging them to enhance their skills and attributes, preparing them for adult life. We provide a secure environment in which every SASA child feels safe, happy and fulfilled. We would be delighted to see all those with an interest in sharing their future with us.